EMCO Industrial Training

The Commitments

EMCO being full-line-supplier in fields of metal cutting industry and industrial training persecutes a business strategy consisting of two columns. These are "EMCO Industry" and „EMCO Industrial Training“. All EMCO products are developed and produced strongly according to its two commitments „Made in the Heart of Europe“ and „Design to Cost“.

Emco Industrial Training

EMCO, as the global market leader, has dominated this field for 25 years. It represents the second pillar of the EMCO business strategy. Educational and training facilities all over the world rely on EMCO Industrial Training.

Global competition is becoming more and more competitive and the already high demands pertaining to quality, productivity and flexibility are constantly rising. In line with rapid technical advances, requirements concerning the qualifications of employees are also continuously being raised. Based on its expertise gained from 25 years of experience, EMCO offers its customers state-of-the-art modular training concepts in step with the latest industrial requirements. This way users can be prepared for the special production requirements of their company and trained purposefully by using EMCO products.

The reason for this evidently lies in the principle of the interchangeable control module: currently, up to nine different contemporary industrial CNC units can be installed on a single machine. With this "multilingualism" the customer is able to program on different controls. EMCO is the only company worldwide which offers its customers this extraordinary possibility of practical training. 

Beside the concept of the interchangeable control the modular training concept of EMCO Industrial Training is based on 4 building blocks: 
Machines, Software, Courseware and Consulting Services

Concept machines

Four machine couples in different sizes and complexity are available: Concept TURN 60/MILL 55, Concept TURN/MILL 105, Concept TURN /MILL 260 and Concept TURN 460. All machines are featured by highest industry quality, are in accordance to the highest safety standards and are equipped with the system of the interchangeable control. 


The second building block of the training concept is made up of a complete software programm for the control specific CNC training. It is featured by the high didactical quality and its very close relation to the industry. 


Interactive multimedia training material conveys students and teachers with all necessary knowledge all around CNC machining technology. The learning process is made much easier as contents are prepared didactally. Highlights such as 3D simulation and virtual machining processes close the gap between theory and practise. All courseware is naturally updated on a regular basis. 

Consulting Services

EMCO’s commitment, however, goes way beyond the machine sector. EMCO trains skilled labor worldwide, in close cooperation with technical schools, universities and the industry. 

On request, EMCO comes along with its customers through the entire project: from planning through financing to installation and training of the personnel. Subsequently, EMCO guarantees continuous support by its technicians and service men.
As a result, customers receive everything that contributes to the long-term economic success of such training programs from one supplier.

For years training specialists from Hallein have been advising countries in Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia as well as in the Middle East. The beginning was made in Indonesia back in the 1970's. Since then numerous projects have been successfully implemented in various countries from Algeria to Vietnam. 

The great advantage can plain and simple be summed up in one sentence: from the industry for the industry. EMCO, as an experienced system provider for industry and training, knows exactly what the essential success factors are for professional trainings using modern CNC industrial machines. The goal of smooth industrial production can be secured through training, which is tailored to the requirements of the industry and is carried out on genuine industrial machines. Customers learn how to safely operate machines and can seamlessly bring this know-how into the production of their respective companies. 

EMCO's dedication and innovations in relation to technical training and development were recently confirmed by its being awarded the Worlddidac quality certificate, issued to companies involved with training projects by the independent Worlddidac organization. This certificate attests that EMCO provides high-quality training with sustainable results. According to Worlddidac, this makes EMCO the ideal partner for the government, international development agencies, and service providers, as well as for all organizations responsible for planning and implementing educational projects.

The Worlddidac certificate also acts as a guide for customers, assuring them that EMCO observes best practice standards in terms of product quality, management, innovation, after-sales support, training, and long-term stability.