Former Magdeburg Werkzeugmaschinen AG

Company history

Founded in 1892, EMCO Magdeburg GmbH benefits from the company's long-standing manufacturing tradition. Since 2003, the company has belonged to the EMCO Group and has been producing core components for the engineering of the EMCO headquarters. In 2010, a vertical turning machine developed in close collaboration with EMCO's main production facilities in Hallein is launched.

Company history

The development of EMCO Magdeburg GmbH is marked by more than 100 years of history.

Founded in 1892, EMCO Magdeburg GmbH, formerly Magdeburg Werkzeugmaschinen AG, benefits from the company’s long-standing manufacturing tradition. Over the last century, which was particularly marked by German political history, the ownership structure of the company has undergone regular changes.

Since 2003, the company has belonged to the EMCO Group and has completely reorganized its production area, specializing in manufacturing complete precision systems that are sent directly to suppliers’ assembly lines in a production-ready state. In making these changes, the company has set a decisive course for the future.

After launching the VT 250 CNC lathe in 2010, EMCO Magdeburg GmbH and the company headquarters in Hallein maintained their close collaboration, resulting ín the introduction of a new range of vertical lathes in 2012. The two companies' synergies that arose from the many different experiences and skills provide a decisive advantage for customers.

1892 Foundation of the company in Magdeburg
1935 Take-over by Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke
1950-1966 Leading manufacturer of high-performance turning machines in Eastern Germany
1990 June 20th: Conversion of the firm owned by the people into Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Magdeburg ltd.
1999 Foundation of Magdeburg Werkzeugmaschinen AG and continuation of the business activities after insolvency
Shares: 90% Dr. Kovats, 10% employees
2003 Cooperation within the EMCO Group and manufacturer of all precision systems as headstocks, tailstocks and carriage systems
2010 Launch of EMCO VERTICAL TURN VT 250
2011 Launch of EMCO VERTICAL TURN VT 160
2012 Launch of EMCO VERTICAL TURN VT 400