Apprenticeship at EMCO


= that extra something special

More than 35 years of experience in providing training and development in the fields of CNC have enabled EMCO Industrial Training to fully understand what first class training needs to involve.


As an apprentice at EMCO you will see that even the serious things in life can be fun.

You can look forward to an exciting training program during which you will receive the support and advice of skilled and experienced trainers.

The following apprenticeship-based profession is available at EMCO:

You must have successfully graduated from high school, be willing to work, enjoy working with people and machines, and be prepared to set yourself ambitious goals and develop both personally and professionally.

Send us your application and become an E[M]CONOMIST:
The selection process involves taking an aptitude test in March/April for all new apprenticeship positions.

If you make it through the initial selection phase, you will be invited to a practical day to give you an idea of what your possible future working environment will be like.

The apprenticeships are awarded by the end of April and on 1 September you will officially become an E[M]CONOMIST.

Please send your application with a curriculum vitae and a copy of your latest exam certificate to:

EMCO Magdeburg GmbH
z.H. Martina Neumann

Gröperstr. 18
39124 Magdeburg