Apprenticeship at EMCO


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Mechatronical engineer

Period of apprenticeship: 3.5 years
Firms where apprentices are trained:
Firms of the metalworking and electrical industry, firms working in engineering and plant constructing industryMore and more machines and plants consist of mechanical and electrical items: auto pilots for planes and ships for example, or ABS breaks in cars, or electrical drive systems. Consequently, mechatronic engineers are a mixture of mechanical engineer and electrician. They assemble constructions and machines made of mechanical and eletrical items, they start running and they operate them. Of course, they care for their maintenance and servicing. Often, mechatronical engineers work in the production halls of major customers.Important contents of the apprenticeship:
  • Machining (e. g. shaping, milling), cutting and molding of metals and plastics, manually or by machines
  • Connecting different materials by screwing, soldering, bonding or welding
  • Installation of electronic devices and components (constituent parts)
  • Construction and testing of electronic, pneumatic (working with air pressure) and hydraulic (working with pressure of certain fluids) controls for constructions
  • Making of machines and systems from devices and parts
  • Assembly and disassembly of machines, systems and constructions plus transport and securing
  • Programming of mechatronical systems like bottling machines, assembly lines for the fabrication of cars
  • Start running mechatronical systemsm, programming, operation and maintenance
  • Installation and testing of hardware and software components
  • Testing of e.g. electrical scales and signals of mechatronical systems and regulation of control technology systems