EMCO Spare part service

Spare part service

The service department of EMCO Magdeburg provides you with the spare parts you required. Quickly and simply.

Spare part service for Magdeburger tradition brand products

We provide you with the requested spare parts within 24 h (Germany-wide) and 48 hours worldwide. Please always enter the part number of the demanded item on your request. It is given in the spare part documents of your machine. We inform you about the prices upon request. WarrantyA warranty of six months is given on original parts as well as on repairs that were done by us. Exchange and subsequent deliveryWe deliver you with exchange or in addition with spare parts not only for all current machine serials but also for all machine serials that aren't produced anymore. Upon request we support you in repairing and optimizing your machine within 24 hours.  ContactSteffen Thormann
Fon: +49 (0)391 244 171
Fax: +49 (0)391 244 284
E-Mail: kundendienst@emco-magdeburg.de