EMCO apprentice ahead of the game

July 2009

EMCO apprentice Andreas Wiesner wins second place in the regional apprenticeship competition

HALLEIN – This year’s competition at the Hallein regional vocational college was a closely fought battle, with Andreas Wiesner missing out on victory at the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce apprenticeship competition by just two points. The EMCO toolmaking apprentice developed and manufactured a complex turned milled part under enormous time and quality pressure. Precision levels of 0.01 mm and time differences of just a few seconds made all the difference between victory and defeat. Andreas Wiesner is in the third year of his apprenticeship and will have the chance to put his skills to the test once again at next year’s apprenticeship competition.The competition is organized and hosted every year by the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce and is a valuable opportunity for apprentices to directly compare the knowledge and skills they have learned from their companies among trainees of their own age. This event is also an excellent opportunity for training companies to measure the quality of their apprenticeship training courses.  This year’s result reflects EMCO’s ongoing commitment to the development of its trainees and the optimization of its apprenticeship course. EMCO will continue to make every effort to provide its apprentices with the best possible training program.Along with EMCO’s managing directors, the whole EMCO team would like to congratulate Andreas Wiesner on his outstanding achievement!