MAXXTURN 25: Big Performance for small Parts

June 2009

The MAXXTURN 25 completes EMCO's successful series of high-performance universal turning centers. This is the first time that a compact machine has been equipped with a y axis and a sub-spindle. It is ideal for complete machining of small parts, with batch sizes ranging between 50 and 5000 units. Due to its unique properties it is particularly interesting for smaller suppliers or subcontracting firms, who require complete machining capabilities at a highly competitive price. Of course, while at the same time offering the high quality customers all over the world have come to expect from EMCO machines.

HALLEIN - From the start, the concept of this latest addition to the MAXXTURN family was that it should form the basis for manufacturing precision machined parts economically. The MAXXURN 25 can be used for a broad spectrum of applications ranging from the production of hydraulic components to parts for timepieces and jewelry. This high-performing power pack is designed for complete machining of barstock parts of up to ø 25 mm and chuck parts up to ø 85 mm. Most manufacturers employ this machine segment for machining barstock parts starting with a diameter of 45 mm. EMCO is striking a new path with the MAXXTURN 25 with a bar capacity of 25 mm, the first machine to allow complete machining. Obviously, one would probably expect to pay a high price for this kind of state-of-the-art technology. However, EMCO continues to offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio, something its customers have come to expect over the last 60 years.One of the machines highlights is its new compact counter spindle. It is able to take over workpieces position-oriented and with utmost precision for machining the reverse side. This makes a second clamping step unnecessary and avoids wait time, which in turn increases productivity and makes for shorter part delivery periods.Additional outstanding technical features are for example: -       The MAXXTURN 25 can be configured either with tailstock or counter spindle or alternatively with or without Y-axis-       The turret with hydraulic lock offers space for up to twelve VDI16 tool holders.-        With a total of 36 switch positions, the number of cutting edges may be increased up to 42.-        The driven tools and the c-axis are already included in the standard model.-        Like in all bigger models of the same range, the y-axis of the MAXXTURN 25 is fully integrated in the body of the machine, ensuring maximum stability as well as utmost precision of all parts manufactured.-        The extremely wide distances between the guides make for stable turning and even offer the user additional possibilities for complete machining.In the course of modular assembly customers can choose between a SIEMENS control interface (including the popular ShopTurn dialogue interface) or a FANUC control interface (featuring the equally popular Manual-Guide-i interface).Technical details/Concept of the machine:Machine base:The core of the machine is the 60° inclined bed. The extremely rigid and compact cast-iron design provides the basis for this robust and precise lathe. Heavy duty reinforcing ribs provide additional rigidity in zones that are subject to intense stress. All guides are crafted as preloaded cross-roller guideways. They are screwed onto bearing surfaces that have been precisely ground, with additional wedges that brace them against a plane of reference which is also ground. Covers along the guides as well as additional telescope covers made of stainless steel increase operational safety and durability.Main spindle:The high driving power of the spindle combined with optimal torque curve ensures economic efficiency in cutting steel, as well as high-speed cutting of aluminum. The main spindle which is pivoted with a sizeable precision bearing allows for a wide range of speeds with extremely good running truth. A nearly symmetrical headstock with a large cooling surface ensures optimal thermostability.Tailstock:On the MAXXTURN 25 with tailstock, the tailstock is set up on the linear roller slide and can be positioned automatically within a range of 360 mm. The rolling centre with MK3 shaft is directly integrated into the tailstock and can be removed using a pressure wedge.Counter spindle:On the MAXXTURN 25 S, which is equipped with a counter spindle, the counter spindle headstock is placed on a separate linear roller slide and can be positioned within a range of 360 mm. A stroke-monitored parts ejector, flushed with coolant, ensures safe removal of the finished parts.Tool holder:The tool holder consists of a 12-position VDI16 disc turret with 36 indexed positions and servo technology. A servo motor powers the driven tools and the swivel movement, respectively. The machine operator may adjust the slewing speed at any time, using a feed-override switch. The turret switches with direction logic. This means that it always takes the shortest way when swiveling to the next tool. Tool holders complying with VDI 69 880 allow easy tool insertion with repeatable accuracy without time-consuming adjustments. C axis/main spindle (model-specific):The C axis is part of the machine’s standard equipment. The spindle can be positioned with a resolution of 0.001°. A directly attached rotary encoder, which is no-contact and without a belt drive ensures the precision of the c-axis as well as precise contour milling. In addition, the main spindle can be clipped into the right position for drilling and milling operations using a spindle brake.Y axis (model-specific): The Y axis is integrated in the standard build of the machine and is positioned at an angle of 45° in relation to the x-axis. Extremely short protruding lengths are the basis for solid lathing and drilling operations as well as for milling without receiving imprecise contours. Feed drive:Highly dynamic three-phase drives in all linear axes with preloaded circulating ball spindles provide high feed forces and positioning with repeatable accuracy. Measure system:Incremental measure systems in the feed motor are integrated in all linear axes. Positioning variation according to VDI3441 in X/Y/Z:  0.0035/0.003/0.004 mm Clamping unit:The clamping unit is a hydraulic clamping system with a bar capacity of up to ø 25 mm including chuck stroke monitor. Either a pull-back or push-back collet chuck may be attached to the main spindle as well as a 3-jaw power-operated lathe chuck. The counter spindle provides space for a pull-back or push-back collet chuck. Lubrication:The MAXXTURN 25 uses an automatic centralized lubrication system with lubricant-saving impulse lubrication due to its integrated pressure and quantity monitoring. Coolant device:A central coolant supply through the VDI interface at the turret and through the tool holder ensures optimal cooling and lubrication during the machining process. An additional coolant pipe is installed to clean the clamping devices and the work area.Hydraulic system:The hydraulic system is a high-pressure compact hydraulic system with a pump and a fine filter in the head pipe, with which the chucking pressure can be more finely adjusted, a precondition for clamping sensitive work-pieces in the main and the counter spindle. Thanks to its compact construction it only has a small footprint.Casing:The casing of the machine is completely closed. Its door is monitored with safety switches to prevent operator injury and features a sizeable viewing window made of laminated safety glass.  Finished parts pick-up unit (optional):The pneumatically operated pick-up unit removes finished parts from the main or the counter spindle. Thus, the parts are gently put into a finished parts container outside the work area. Max. length of finished parts: 120 mm, max. ø 25.5 mm; max. weight: 0.5 kgTechnical core data:


Max. bar capacity [mm]

Æ 25,5

Max. torque [U/min]

Main spindle

Counter spindle

Driven tools





Max. power [kW]

Main spindle / Counter spindle

6,5 / 3,5

Max. traverse path X/Y/Z [mm]

100 / 35 / 320

Rapid speed X/Y/Z [m/min]

20 / 10 / 30

Number of tool holding fixtures

12 x VDI 16

Number of driven positions


Max. number of tools


Models:Selection of controls: Fanuc or Siemens· MAXXTURN 25 MY: Tailstock version with driven tools and Y axis· MAXXTURN 25 SM: Counter spindle version with driven tools· MAXXTURN 25 SMY: Counter spindle version with driven tools and Y axis