Highly productive, highly dynamic! The new HYPERTURN 45.

August 2009

High-performance main and counter spindles, two tool systems, stable Y axis, water-cooled spindle motors, dynamic digital drives, a thermo-symmetrical machine construction, and compact dimensions. These are the highlights of the new EMCO HYPERTURN 45.

HALLEIN – On taking a closer look at the machine and its components, insiders would notice that the new HYPERTURN 45 has several aspects in common with the EMCOTURN 332. Well spotted! The machine is in fact based on the EMCOTURN 332: Equipped with two spindles, two tool systems with up to 24 driven tools and a VDI25 rapid change system, as well as comprehensive automation options, the two machines have the same core components. The EMCO developers and constructors have, however, further developed the machine design.The new HYPERTURN 45 is distinguished by even greater dynamics and technical sophistication, and therefore impresses users with the additional options for machining workpieces and increasing productivity. For example, extremely ‘HYPERTURN-like’, there is now a Y axis with a 70 mm travel in the upper slide system and a Z2 axis in the lower slide system. As with the HYPERTURN 645/665, the main and counter spindles are equipped with integrated water-cooled spindle motors with high drive power of 15 kW, a maximum speed of 7,000 rpm and an even higher torque of 90 Nm. The counter spindle’s nose is also larger: With A2-5, the counter spindle can be used to remove bar stock parts with a diameter of up to 45 mm.Thanks to the latest Siemens control and drive system, the Sinumerik 840D-sl (solution line), programming the machine is quick and easy. The fold-out PC keyboard is an ergonomic plus, especially if the machine is regularly programmed.Naturally, the EMCO commitment of ‘Made in the Heart of Europe’ also applies to the HYPERTURN 45. The machines are completely developed and produced in central Europe in cooperation with European brand manufacturers that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, productivity and efficiency.The HYPERTURN 45 is characterized by its great flexibility and can therefore be used in the widest range of sectors for the broadest production requirements: From general mechanical engineering, job shops and the automotive supply industry, where production tends to involve large quantities, through to precision trades such as dental technology or the jewelry industry.