More than vertical turning The new vertical turning machine can also be used for drilling and thread cutting and milling.

November 2011

From pure turning operations to additional drilling and thread cutting right up to milling operations, EMCO provides demanding metalworkers the right solution from the new Vertical VT 160.

A compact design, high rigidity, thermal symmetry, passive work space covering, ergonomic design and a flexible feeding system right up to easy integration into production systems count among the standard features of vertical turning machines. The Salzburgers also offer their customers a hard to beat price/performance ratio. The VT 160 handles workpieces with a maximum of 130 mm diameter and 150 mm length.

Benefits of all versions
Both versions include the basic benefits. Due to its cylindrical design, the machine stand forms a self-contained compact system with an extremely small footprint. In contrast, there is extra large spacing between the rails and as a result the guiding carriage is selected along the X-axis. In combination with the long guide shoes, this results in very stable guidance. The thermo-symmetrically designed headstock ensures long term overall stability and thus also precision of operation. The passive work space covering leads to lasting low maintenance.  The accompanying system has no moving telescopic parts, thus eliminating the wear and tear on them. The control panel and the control cabinet are an example of user-, maintenance-, and service-friendly ergonomics.  Both can be swiveled so as to allow the service personnel easy access. Production planners and operators also profit from the lasting benefit provided by the exemplary Siemens 828D controls system. New features of the user interface "Operate" and the ideal solution for one-channel machines will convince during actual operation. A chip conveyor with integrated coolant system is provided as a standard feature to complete the vertical turning machine.

The user saves costs and programming time involved with automation equipment thanks to the integrated pick-up system that loads the chuck with parts up to a diameter of 130 mm. Short cycle times and the ample parts storage guarantee short chip-to-chip times of up to 5.5 s for two-track loading. The various flexible feeding systems facilitate the integration into production lines: pallet, drag frame or chain conveyor belts. The multi-function table facilitates the execution of frequently recurring machining operations, accommodating fixed drilling tools, special tools, separate milling heads and the workpiece measuring sensors; it also simplifies the exchange of spindles and chucks. Users who opt for the version with the Y-axis benefit from the fact that they are separately provided in the tool turret. The separation from the X-Y carriage system results in a short power train and thus ensures stability.

Naturally, the EMCO commitment of ‘Made in the Heart of Europe’ also applies to the new vertical turning machine VT 160. The machines are completely developed and produced in central Europe in cooperation with European brand manufacturers that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, productivity and efficiency.