Two in one – the EMCO Concept MILL 450

June 2009

EMCO Industrial Training presents the Concept MILL 450 with interchangeable control: a vertical CNC machining center with the latest drive technology for maximum performance. For training at industrial level.

HALLEIN – providing training on industry-standard machine tools – the stated aim of EMCO Industrial Training. EMCO has once again met this requirement with its CONCEPT MILL 450: The new machine is based on the successful EMCOMILL E600 design, developed and manufactured in line with the EMCO philosophy "Made in the Heart of Europe". The Concept MILL 450 corresponds to the EMCOMILL E600 in terms of performance, size and working area. In effect, the EMCOMILL E600 has been more or less adapted for training purposes, and equipped with the EMCO WinNC interchangeable control unit. The result: customers acquire the necessary expertise to operate the machine on their own, and to use all of its functions proficiently and without error.Unique concept of interchangeable control for industrial trainingWith its globally unique concept of the interchangeable control, EMCO Industrial Training offer students the chance to learn to use up to nine different common control units in industry. This is a significant advantage, not just for future specialists, but also for operators. As well as opening up a wide range of professional opportunities and perspectives for CNC technicians, it creates a pool of expertly trained staff that companies can draw upon, regardless of the machines and control systems employed.To change to a different control system, it is simply necessary to start up the appropriate software and change the control-unit-specific keyboard module.The Concept MILL 450 – the ultimate in modern machine tool technology trainingThe Concept MILL 450 is typically aimed at industrial training establishments with production applications, manufacturing businesses with apprentices and trainees, factories, watchmakers and jewellery manufacturers, and both beginners and advanced trainees with more demanding requirements. It is ideal for machining steel and aluminium.Engineering without compromisesThe refined machine design ensures perfect training conditions for industrial metal-cutting machining: with a powerful direct-drive main spindle (10,000 rpm and 13 kW), a high feed rate coupled with immense power, a fixed 20-tool magazine, a fast two-arm changer, and the EMCO WinNC control unit, depending on user requirements, the Concept MILL 450 can be used not only as a fully-functioning production machine, but also for CNC milling training – "two in one", so to speak.As well as programming in different control units, users are trained in future trends in metal-cutting technology. This means above all the selection of the right cutting parameters, such as depth, feed rate, and rotational speed, taking into account optimum chip formation and the surface to be achieved. The upshot is that EMCO Industrial Training has set another clear milestone towards a soundly-based industrial training regime in metal-cutting machining.Technical details / the design of the Concept MILL 450:Control unit:All common industrial control units can be taught, thanks to the idea of the interchangeable control unit. To change to a different control unit, it is simply necessary to start up the appropriate software and change the control-unit-specific keyboard module, which takes less than a minute. Up to nine control units can currently be taught in this way on a single machine.The control unit, equipped with a color LCD monitor and EMCO WinNC, represents the pinnacle of digital technology. EMCO is also naturally constantly working on new WinNC control units, so that Concept machines can continue to be retrofitted quickly and easily with the latest CNC systems.Machine design:Due to its solid and compact design in cast iron, the machine only has a small footprint, while its stiff box construction resists torsional stresses to ensure high precision. All its constituent elements are sturdy and designed to save space. The machine frame does not need levelling, and the working area is easily cleaned.Drive technology:The ultra-modern axis drive system with latest-generation digital AC servomotors and preloaded roller guides result in maximum precision and the best performance with minimum wear and maximum dynamics.Main spindle:The digital Simodrive unit for the main spindle ensures high rotational speeds at equally high torques with minimum acceleration times. The main spindle is a heat-resistant construction, with permanent lubrication.Work area:The Concept MILL 450’s work area is characterized both by its outstanding ergonomics and its good visibility, while the generous machining space gives a straight chip drop.Automation:The Concept MILL 450 can be fully automated using the tried and tested EMCO automation system with automatic doors, robotics and DNC accessories. This allows the machine to be quickly and easily incorporated in CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) or an FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System).The Rotoclear rotary window ensures a clear view in the working area, even during the machining process.The integrated PC with Windows operating system and spare Ethernet ports means that the Concept MILL 450 also represents an extra workplace in a network. This allows the machine to be converted without any great outlay into a manufacturing cell with robot loading and unloading and remote control, ideal for training for mechatronics engineers while allowing industrial CIM systems to be used professionally. Customized courseware:Multimedia classroom WinTutorials tailored for the machines and control systems have been developed to back up the workshop training. These enable all the milled parts of a fully-functioning 4-stroke engine to be manufactured on the Concept Mill 450, for example. Realistic function models make the CNC training more exciting and efficient, and the trainees' motivation to "make something good" is increased. And that is the objective of EMCO Industrial Training: Successful, efficient training to meet the requirements of industrial CNC manufacturing.Core technical data:

Concept MILL 450

Max. X/Y/Z travel [mm]


Worktable clamping area [mm]

700 x 520

Max. rotational speed [rpm]

Main spindle



Max. S6 drive power [kW]

Main spindle



X/Y/Z rapid motion speed [m/min]


Automatic drum tool magazine
[number of tool stations]

20 DIN 69871 SK40

Available WinNC control units

Siemens 840D / 820 / 810,

GE Fanuc Series 21, GE Fanuc Series 0,

Fagor 8055,


Heidenhain TNC 426
3D View Simulation

Concept MILL 450 options -        NC 200 mm dia. rotary table as 4th axis -        Chip conveyor -        Rotoclear inspection window -        Electrical handwheel -        Automatic doors -        Robotics and DNC interface -        Integrated PC with 12" flat screen -        Central lubrication system -        Fully enclosed work area -        Machine light -        Coolant system -        Parts pick-off attachment -        Safety equipment to CE standards